My name is Beth Rhodes and I am a photographer based between north London and Cornwall. 
I am currently in my third year of studying BA Photography at Falmouth university. Before beginning my degree, I completed a Fine Art Foundation Diploma, In which I focused around combining traditional art mediums, such as painting and collage, with photography, exploring where the line of photography being considered art is. 
My most recent project is about living with insomnia, and how the world at night becomes a strange variation on the awake world. I am also currently working on a new project, which is a continuation of 'FREE', revolving around the world of riding a bike, and how I fit into it. The project is made of two parts, 'SAD BIKES AND WHOOPSIES' and 'happy bikes and vroomies'.
Over lockdown I worked on 'A Little Sketchbook Of Cornwall' which is my contribution to The Sketchbook Project. All the pages are inspired by Cornish scenes, using different materials from collage to watercolour and fine liners. ​​​​​​​
instagram : @bethrhodesphotography ​​​​
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