Beth Rhodes is a prop maker and miniature model maker based in North London. Who is actively seeking work within the art department. 
She has recently completed a level 4 diploma at the Creative Media Skills Institute, based in Pinewood Studios. She studied technical arts for the film industry and in this time worked on two student productions. 
On 'Gemini Duel' she worked as set decorator and prop maker, in a small art department of 3 students. This was a small production creating a 4 minute short, a recreation of the chemical burn scene in 'Fight Club'. On 'The Unpaid Debt' she worked primarily as Head of Props, but also took on additional roles as prop maker, graphic artist and photographer. During the shoot she also worked as Standby Prop Master. 
Previous to this she studied BA Photography at Falmouth university, graduating in 2021. Her work at this time was heavily influenced by escapism through lockdown. Before beginning the degree, she completed a Fine Art Foundation Diploma. In which she focused around combining traditional art mediums, such as painting and collage, with photography, exploring where the line of photography being considered art is. 
instagram : @bethrhodesphotography ​​​​
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